Workout 4.10.18

WOD 4.10.18

The one is for time. That means you should be able to do the cleans unbroken. If you cannot do 10 at 135#, then do 95#. Or if you want to keep the strength portion in and still move fast and unbroken, then go to 5 at 135#

10 Rounds For Time

– 10 Power Cleans at 135 lbs.
– 200 Meter Row

Option One
– 10 Power Cleans at 95lbs.
– 200 Meter Row

Option Two
– 5 Power Cleans at 135lbs.
– 200 Meter Row

My Results
After getting hitting 198 pounds 4 months ago and being at the peak of fitness, I ran into some major scheduling issues. I sadly gained 15 pounds back and was not able to CrossFit more than 1-2 times a week. That’s why I built out a CrossFit box at home. I am slowly getting back to the level of fitness I was once at. As you can see, this simple workout took me a lot of time. 10 unbroken power cleans at 135# was once something I could do without any issues. In fact it was 185#. 225# is where I would slow down to the point I did for this workout. I have some ground to gain, maybe you do too? Let me know. 🙂 Always looking for folks to get fit with.

I did RX in 26:17