Back to it

For a few weeks there we had the flu, a really bad flu with an upper respiratory infection. A few of my daughters are still coughing and dealing with breathing issues. 

We have been working out, but not logging the workouts. Getting back to it now.

Hot Weather

Here in Fresno we have weeks and weeks of triple digits. My CrossFit rig is outside and pretty much always in the sun. With the average temp being 106, I have to choose my workouts carefully. For example today’s main site WOD is a CF total. There is no way I am doing that as it’s currently over 106 out here in the country. During July and August I need to modify the workouts to what I can handle or get up really early before it breaks 100.


Rebooting the site a bit. It was taking so long to add WOD’s. So I added several custom post fields to make it easier. I am also dropping lot of the details that just don’t matter.

Testing those fields with this post.