August 2 2018

From main site. Thursday 180802

Marathon Row
For time:
Row 42,195 meters

This workout is LONG. Drastically reduce the distance and/or perform this as a team.

Intermediate Option
For time:
Row 21,097 meters

Beginner Option
Row as far as possible in 45 minutes

Workout 4.10.18

WOD 4.10.18

The one is for time. That means you should be able to do the cleans unbroken. If you cannot do 10 at 135#, then do 95#. Or if you want to keep the strength portion in and still move fast and unbroken, then go to 5 at 135#

10 Rounds For Time

– 10 Power Cleans at 135 lbs.
– 200 Meter Row

Option One
– 10 Power Cleans at 95lbs.
– 200 Meter Row

Option Two
– 5 Power Cleans at 135lbs.
– 200 Meter Row

My Results
After getting hitting 198 pounds 4 months ago and being at the peak of fitness, I ran into some major scheduling issues. I sadly gained 15 pounds back and was not able to CrossFit more than 1-2 times a week. That’s why I built out a CrossFit box at home. I am slowly getting back to the level of fitness I was once at. As you can see, this simple workout took me a lot of time. 10 unbroken power cleans at 135# was once something I could do without any issues. In fact it was 185#. 225# is where I would slow down to the point I did for this workout. I have some ground to gain, maybe you do too? Let me know. 🙂 Always looking for folks to get fit with.

I did RX in 26:17